Brief analysis of :

  • Relevant sector, its present state and future plans;
  • Its role in the economic and social development of the national economy;
  • Relevance and importance of the project to the sector and the economy.


Objective and Scope

  • Project objectives and benefits;
  • Project concept;
  • Project scope;
  • Existing facilities.
  • Implementation Plan.


  • Geographical location – advantages and disadvantages;
  • Infrastructural support facilities;
  •  Any adverse physical conditions.

Technical Evaluation and Engineering Characteristics

  • Details of technical studies and their state of readiness;
  • Specifications and architecture;
  • Data , site investigation , site survey, geology , hydrology, traffic details;
  • Project design;
  • Any adverse physical conditions;
  • Constructional material;
  • Physical, hydrological or climatic constraints;
  • Operation and maintenance.


  •  Assessment of the present and future availability of power, water supply, telecommunications and other services to the project.

Construction Material

  • Project requirement;
  • Type, sources, quality, quantity and prices;
  • Availability.

Manpower, Training and Technical Assistance

  • Total manpower requirements by various categories;
  • Source and cost of manpower;
  • Training needs;
  • Need for technical assistance.

Environmental Aspects

  • Effects of the project on environment and ecology.

Cost Estimates

  • Detailed item-wise breakdown of cost estimate in Rial & Euro;
  • Basis of cost estimate and provision for contingencies (both price and physical contingencies );
  • Procurement procedure, international competitive bidding

Financing Plan

  • Details of funds committed;
  • Terms and conditions of credits, etc;
  • Existing financing gap, if applicable.

Executing Agency

  • Legal status, objectives and functions;
  • Organization and management;
  • Staff and personnel policies;
  • Budgeting and accounting;
  • Past performance and future outlook;
  • Project monitoring.


  • - Relationship between borrower and executing agency;
  • Need for consultancy and supervisory services during


  • Modes of procurement and contracting;
  • Implementation schedule;
  • Disbursement projections in tabulated form;
  • Assessment of operation, maintenance and surveillance requirements during the life of the project.

Economic Justification

  • Basic assumptions;
  • Economic Rate of Return;
  • Sensitivity Analysis;
  • Social and other non-quantifiable benefits.

Conclusion and Recommendations

  • Technical soundness of the project proposal;
  • Importance of the project to the national economy;
  • Benefits accruing as a result of establishing the project;
  • Recommended financing along with its terms and conditions.


List of Annexes, more commonly referred to:

  • Map of country with project location (where necessary );
  • Layout of the project;
  • Detailed project cost breakdown;
  • Organization chart of the executing agency;
  • Project implementation bar chart;
  • Schedules of repayment of loans and service fee;
  • Economic Rate of Return calculation.
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