Our Services

BTIS Company was established in January 2017 in Germany.

The company provides its services in the form below:

  • Provide the necessary documents required and Bankable Report to encourage capital resources or contractors carrying capital for the projects. Documents such as Project Profile, Business Plan, Feasibility Study and ...
  • domestic financing during the relevant organizations of the contractor or operator
  • Obtain necessary permits for the financing of capital projects through appropriate resources
  • meetings with the concerned authorities to facilitate the required capital resources
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary guarantees to foreign contractors and suppliers of capital and to encourage their participation in the project
  • advice and assistance on how and when the use of foreign sources
  • assist and guide the general contractor and the main contractor, including governmental, semi-private and private, in various stages of utilization of financial resources provided
  • Preparation of tender documents for employers finance
  • fill in the fields of tender documents related to the financing of projects and investment in
  • Obtain a valid bank LOI contractor for the projects in question
  • Advice on financing units organized in contracting companies
  • Perform control services resource utilization taxes to contractors
  • financial engineering and suggest the best methods of financing for the project
  • method proposed transfer of the project to the contractors such as BOT


  • Study and design of new combined methods to finance projects within the framework of national law and according to the rules governing cross-border investment areas
  • Submit forms of financing proposed contract
  • to identify funding sources outside the country and encourage them to participate in the local market.
  • Identify and encourage contractors and suppliers of equipment related to the project to be embedding their capital resources have to participate in local projects.
  • Use common methods internationally, including methods loan (Non-recourse) or non-loan (Recourse) such as finance, Buy Back, BOT, BOO, BOOT, and BLT
  • conduct contract negotiations with capital resources in the proposed financing frameworks
  • development of communication and cooperation with government agencies and foreign private
  • specialized financial planning and organizing teams
  • identify, negotiate and cooperate with experts and specialized financial institutions
  • Cooperation with international institutions
  • Collaborate with government agencies
  • Provide financial advice to organizations and companies proposed
  • Develop internal communication and cooperation with public and private organizations
  • Develop relationships with international institutions and universities to carry out joint activities
  • identify, negotiate and cooperate with professors, experts and research institutes
  • Presentation of proposed research projects to various organizations and universities
  • implementation of research projects and participation in conferences
  • conferences, and specialized seminars
  • speeches at conferences, and seminars related
  • Planning activities and educational programs
  • planning and implementation of conferences, lectures, seminars and specialized workshops
  • training courses in partnership with international institutions and universities


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